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This is the reality of John Cena’s return in SummerSlam

Wrestler Austin Theory opened the door to John Cena’s return to the fight again, through a match that brings him together with his champion at SummerSlam, knowing that the crowned US champion is one of Cena’s biggest fans.

Cena appeared in WWE for the last time last summer, when he entered into a fight with Roman Reigns to win the SummerSlam title, and the confrontation was not positive for him.

Theory confirms he will play against John Cena at SummerSlam
Theory said in a press statement to the American New York Post network that there is a match that will bring him together with John Cena, and the young wrestler expressed his enthusiasm without finding the appropriate words to describe the matter.

Theory stated, « I just get the words out of my mouth, because I don’t know what to say when I find myself in the ring with John Cena, I don’t know what to say when that happens, I really don’t. »

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