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This is the perfect wrestler to challenge Roman Reigns

Former WWE Director Dutch Mantell believes that the WWE could work on creating an exciting feud between Roman Reigns and Riddle in the next stage.

Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura looked set to take down The Usos in a championship match this week on SmackDown, despite Nakamura injuring his leg during the match.

Riddle continued to attack and appeared to be on his way to victory, however, Roman Reigns’ music played, which led to a distraction and led to The Usos winning the match and it was later revealed that Sami Zayn was responsible for the operation.

The WWE Director recommends using Riddell in a feud with Reigns
Speaking this week on SmackTalk, Mantell pondered the possibility of a feud between Riddle and Roman Reigns in the future, and the former WWe manager explained that if the clan leader went back on TV and allowed things to flare up, it would be different.

Dutch Mantell said in his statements: « The federation can create a strong feud using Riddle.. and I think what is happening now does not matter to Roman Reigns very much, but if he returns to be in the main scene, they can build something. »

Riddle had opened the episode of Raw on May 23 with a heartfelt message to partner Randy Orton, and stated that their team might not be able to last much longer after losing to The Usos.

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